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A team of intercessors prayed during the services for the spiritual needs of the people present. One night they commissioned a mission team that left for Russia. Another night they invited the other Baptists in their small county to join them for prayer. They invited other denominations to join them one night in praying for their town. Other corporate prayer experiences included cottage prayer meetings, prayerwalking around town, prayer-driving in the county, and other kinds of corporate prayer.

I had the privilege of joining this church for their celebration of Pentecost, including wonderful testimonies and a Baptist feast dinner on the grounds. I was amazed at the quality of corporate prayer I observed. People were expecting a huge response at invitation time, but only one young boy made a public profession of faith. Their enthusiasm for a spiritual harvest seemed to burst. She had seen the service on the local cable channel. She wanted to know God the way people described their experiences in their testimonies that morning.

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I returned home a bit discouraged. But three months later, I received a follow-up report from the pastor that reignited my heart.

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Their mission team to Russia had led more than people to the Lord. Additionally, although the church had been involved in prison ministry for many years, that summer they saw nearly prisoners accept Christ. And in their small community, 25 of the lost people for whom they had prayed between Easter and Pentecost professed their faith in Jesus Christ!

The early church experienced a great spiritual harvest on the Day of Pentecost described in Acts 2. But, like the church in Texas, the Jerusalem harvest was preceded by a period of intense personal and corporate prayer. Like this: Like Loading Meredith is managing editor of the Illinois Baptist newspaper. God, who is Alpha and Omega, invites faithful followers to enter into the eternal city. The mystery of the Trinity refers to one God in three persons.

In Acts, the Spirit enables people to speak and understand a variety of languages. Unlike anyone else, he is fully human and fully divine. Because of that mystery, we might think that Jesus would be the only human being in the universe who could truly get by on his own in daily life, without recourse to prayer or formal religious practices.

Throughout the Gospels, Jesus prays alone, in community, in silence, and in song. He prays before meals, after a busy day, before he suffers, and after a friend dies. He prays according to the practices of the Temple, and he prays spontaneously from his heart. He prays for himself and others.

Jesus prays constantly. If the Son of God prays like this, we too should pray with all our strength. Jesus knows that he will be arrested that very night. He knows the kind of death he will suffer the next day, Good Friday. We might think Jesus tells his disciples to watch for the coming of the Holy Spirit because he simply runs out of time to leave them complete instructions about how to build the church. Rather, Jesus tells his disciples to look forward to the Spirit because the ongoing work of teaching and guiding is what the Spirit does best. The Advocate is not a hand-me-down replacement for the risen Jesus; the Holy Spirit is fully God, with mysterious power to help us grow in holiness.

The impulse to pray comes from God. So even before we begin to pray, we have already received a precious gift from the Lord. We must never worry about how to pray or put it off until we really have time to dedicate to prayer.

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Instead, we can imitate Jesus. In the Gospel today, Jesus is dining with his friends. He has a lot on his mind. Right at that very moment — and always — he prays for each and every one of us. Jesus speaks grandly of the Holy Spirit, the third person of the Trinity. God, who could have chosen any method in the world to offer salvation to humanity, insists on acting as a unity of three persons in perfect complementarity. This is a profound and delightful mystery.

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We praise the one, undivided God, whose very existence is a communion. Contemplating God, we feel the awesome power of community. God prefers existing in relationship, and so must we.

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  • We recognize the sacred call to interdependence. This glorious feast of Pentecost invites us to consider all the people we know— and maybe especially the ones we tend to fear, reject, ignore, or dread—and ask the Spirit to teach us how to form better relationships with them. Even if we have tried before and failed, we boldly ask again. As Jesus says, the Spirit teaches everything. Acts —11; Ps , 24, 29—31, 34; 1 Cor b—7, 12—13 or Rom —17; Jn —23 or —16, 23b— Have an announcement for the bulletin? If you have an event or activity that would be of interest to our community, please let us know!

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