Alice in Corporateland: A Curiouser and Curiouser Bizness

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Alice in Corporateland: A Curiouser and Curiouser Bizness

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Alice in Corporateland: A Curiouser and Curiouser Bizness by Joan Wendland

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      The Man Behind Alice In Wonderland - Absolute History

      Joan's clever twist on Lewis Carroll's classic is not only wildly entertaining and just plain fun, but thought-provoking as well In Stock with Supplier Shipping in days. Online Only. As she prepares to leave for the first job interview she has had in twenty years, a large rabbit dressed in a pin-striped suit peers through her window. The rabbit, who boasts of double PhD degrees in mismanagement and sexual misconduct, is just one of the zany characters who will soon accompany her on her wild ride through Corporateland-an unforgettable place inundated with paper and absurd animals who talk in enigmatic riddles.

      After Alice manages to escape a paper pit, she encounters an egomaniac dodo bird, a reptilian paper pusher, and a roomful of overeager young executive giraffes. But even the Human Resources Cat, who advises Alice to keep walking, cannot help her escape the wrath of the Duchess of Downsteepysizing. After Alice finds herself in the midst of the bizarre downsizing games, she soon discovers that being logical and reasonable will lead her straight to nowhere.