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If everything is a Buddha, how can we ever complain about our lives? Except that we do, because thoughts and emotions and sense perceptions are also Buddhas, and a complaint is equal to a joyous liberating experience. So, the instruction is, see everything as an example of the great awakening that fills the universe. No exceptions! Everything is the awakened heart! Friday, August 2, flowers. Searching for the Dharma You've traveled up ten thousand steps in search of the Dharma. So many long days in the archives, copying, copying. The gravity of the Tang and the profundity of the Sung make heavy baggage.

I've picked you a bunch of wildflowers. Their meaning is the same but they're much easier to carry.

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By Chan Master Hsu Yun - Tuesday, July 30, A perfect shimmering sound. Fado performers in Porto, Portugal I just read a lovely blog post from the Zen teacher Jon Joseph, about the following koan. Thanks for the pointer to this, Jon! The cypress tree in the garden!

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He went outside the cottage and saw a rooster fly to the top of a railing, beat his wings and crow loudly. He told of his discovery and wrote: "The golden duck vanishes into the golden brocade, with a country song the drunk comes home from the woods, only the young beauty knows about her love affair. I could give you the long list, but you already know it. Some of the suffering is personal, some global, and everything can feel like a recipe for doom and despair.

How can we practice in the face of all of this? Without ignoring what is difficult, we can sit in the presence of everything that arises, and when we do this, our attention can expand from a narrow focus on our pain to a wider view, which includes every single thing. All of the following bodies were terraformed and made to have a standard atmosphere and gravity in order to be capable of supporting human life. During the movie Serenity , the planet Miranda is speculated to be a "black rock" — a planet where no life exists or is possible. A generic explanation that the terraforming did not hold is offered to explain it, indicating that this simply happened some times while the terraforming process was occurring.

Ariel is a central planet of the Union of Allied Planets. It is the eleventh planet orbiting White Sun. The majority of the action of the episode " Ariel " occurs on this planet. Ariel is home to a bioluminescent lake that is a popular swimming spot. Mal and Zoe's old war buddy Tracey carried human organs to Ariel, where they were meant to be removed from his body and sold. Ariel could be named after one of Uranus' moons in the stellar system of "Earth that was" which gets its name from Ariel the sprite in William Shakespeare 's The Tempest.

The crew of Serenity arrives on this planet for Inara's annual checkup. Beaumonde, the fifteenth planet orbiting the star Kalidasa, [2] is a fairly wealthy planet. The planet is known to have factories and ranches. The Serenity crew arrives here after their heist on Lilac, to share part of their earnings with the brothers Fanty and Mingo. Their port of call is a large Asian city. At the bar called Maidenhead, which was chosen for these dealings, they discover River 's Alliance-conditioned fighting abilities.

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This occurs during the Serenity movie. About seven months earlier, the crew was headed for Beaumonde in the episode " Our Mrs. Reynolds ".

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Beaumonde roughly translated from French means "beautiful world. Bellerophon, seen in the episode " Trash ", is a technologically advanced Alliance world, and home to the wealthy. It is the tenth planet orbiting the White Sun. Isis Canyon is pointed out as the most deserted spot on the world. Bellerophon Estates, large self-contained estates that hover with anti-gravity above the moon's ocean, are described as having "gracious living, ocean views and state-of-the-art security. The planet is named after a hero in Greek mythology. Haven, a moon of Deadwood, the seventh planet orbiting the Blue Sun, [2] is the home of Shepherd Book, who left the crew during the events of the comic book series titled Serenity: Those Left Behind , and where he resided in the movie.

It was also a place of refuge for the Serenity crew.

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In the novelization of the film, it is revealed that Haven is a mining planet which is often used as a hiding place for those running from the law for a fee and is where some smugglers or criminals decide to settle down. Hera is an Earth-like planet with important significance to the Unification War according to the "Core and Border Worlds" database included as bonus material on the Serenity Blu-ray disc, it was one of the three leading planets for the Independents' side. It orbits the protostar Murphy, which is the fourteenth planet orbiting the star Georgia.

First mentioned in the episode " Serenity ". Hera is named after a goddess in Greek mythology , Zeus' wife and sister. In the closed-captioning for the episode "Bushwhacked," it is erroneously spelled "Hara". Higgins' Moon orbits Harvest, the fourth planet orbiting the Red Sun, [2] where the primary commercial activity is mud mining which is performed by indentured workers called "mudders".

The mud is exported offworld and used in the manufacturing of ceramic components. The moon appears to be owned by a magistrate named Higgins. Jayne became a folk hero to the mudders in the town of Canton due to his role in a botched heist about four years before the time of the Firefly series. The crew visits Higgins' Moon in the episode " Jaynestown. Jiangyin is a border planet located three weeks away from Persephone, and also nearby Greenleaf.

It is the first planet orbiting the Red Sun [2] and is the capital world of that system. Alliance law is known to be upheld here. The crew of Serenity sells a cargo load of cattle here in the episode " Safe ". This is where Simon Tam is kidnapped to become the village doctor, and River is accused of being a witch. The planet is most likely named after a city in China 's Jiangsu province along the Yangtze River.

These harbingers of summer are in decline.

It is near Reaver territory. From space it appears to have a "lilac" or purple-ish color, which presumably it was named for.

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The Serenity crew land on Lilac to rob a vault holding an Alliance payroll. Lilac is at times roughly ten hours from Beaumonde as stated by Mal. Miranda is the name of a planet located beyond Reaver territory. The Alliance experimented on the population to find a way to make people more docile. Experiments with "G paxilon hydrochlorate" called " Pax " failed: The drug had the opposite effect on the remaining 0. This portion of the population escaped and became the Reavers. The Alliance tried to cover up what had happened on the planet by creating a story that the colony was lost due to failure of the terraforming process.

Osiris, the seventh world orbiting the White Sun, [2] is a wealthy core planet where Simon Tam attended medical school and worked as a trauma surgeon , mentioned in the episode " Serenity ".