History of Ellis Island

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Laws passed in and dramatically restricted immigration to the United States. Additionally, prospective immigrants began applying at U. Traffic at Ellis Island diminished. After , the Ellis Island facility housed enemy aliens, war refugees, displaced persons, WWII servicemen, Coast Guard trainees, and imminent deportees.

The Children of Ellis Island

It closed in , after more than 12 million immigrants passed through its doors. Some fled poverty. Others, such as eastern European Jews, fled religious persecution.

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All sought the relative safety and prosperity for which the country was known. Because they were poor, these passengers were closely scrutinized to be sure they were disease-free and financially able to care for themselves.

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Wealthier travelers received a brief inspection on the ship before being cleared to enter the country. Read more about Ellis Island passenger arrival lists. Wherever they were from—and whether they were rich or poor—you can learn more about immigrant ancestors in passenger arrival lists.

You can search the entire history of Ellis Island passenger records for free at FamilySearch. Do you have any stories about your ancestors that passed through Ellis Island?

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Search Advanced. Cultural Criteria: i ii iii iv v vi Natural Criteria: vii viii ix x. Cultural Natural Mixed. By year Country Region Year and country. Ellis Island United States of America. Submitted by: United States Department of the Interior.

Ellis Island National Monument

Export Word File. In , the United States closed Ellis Island after over 12 million people have passed through the doors to enter the country.

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In , Ellis Island becomes part of the National Park Service and has undergone renovations to restore the look of the original buildings. Many resources are available to help trace the genealogy of the immigrants and people in the United States today. Immigration in the United States Immigration Timeline - A brief overview of the immigration policy over the course of time in the United States. Ellis Island Ellis Island - Basic overview of the location and its proud history.

What Was Ellis Island Used for Before Immigration?

Ellis Island Resources - Thorough collection of resources on a variety of topics pertaining to Ellis Island and immigration. Immigrant Inspection Station The Immigration Experience - A firsthand look at the experiences that immigrants had to go through. Admission Procedures - Information on the procedure for admission for immigrants into Ellis Island. The Immigrant Journey - Useful page containing information on what immigrants were faced with in order to gain entrance to the United States.

Medical Inspections Medical Examination - A look at the medical exams that were conducted on newly arrived immigrants at Ellis Island. Ellis Island - Overview of the immigration process that occurred at Ellis Island. Detention and Deportation Station Ellis Island Timeline - Page providing information on the various uses of the island. Ellis Island - Useful resource providing a biographical look at the events at Ellis Island.