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Gaining confidence is something that is hard to learn. Its not easy to apply such personal techniques, you need somebody who believes and really supports you in order for you to enhance self confidence which Simone does.

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She a genuine person and somebody you can trust. If you are somebody who needs help, that is very important.

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I was coached by Simone during a period of quick progression during in my career where I wanted to work with someone to help me identify my unique strengths, focused areas of development and to challenge me in how I could be a better professional and people leader. Trust is everything and Simone's approach builds a space where you can reflect and be supported, and even surprised at times, something that's only possible with the experience Simone brings to the discussion.

Simone's professional experience, natural charm and effective natural use of tools and approaches felt seamless in our sessions and helped me develop actions I could immediately implement post our meeting and others to progress over time without being overly directed to a solution - where the real skill of coaching lies.

Simone offers a style suits those that need a safe harbour to take time to reflect on their own performance and the environment they operating in. This is a difficult thing to create and by doing so you have given those working with you an opportunity to explore their own motivations and values and the impact their current environment has on them. The world is a chaotic and hectic place and working at a senior level can have pressures, which are often hard to understand and can quickly in challenging times become unmanageable.

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By holding the mirror up and exploring you create an opportunity to understand, accept and thrive. For me it is your passion and commitment to really making sure that the coaching services you offer have value and make a difference both for the individual and the organisation. Simone is very supportive and non-judgemental, and creates an environment of total openness and honesty. To use this site, you'll need to enable JavaScript. If you aren't sure how, follow these instructions.

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Join us for a Discussion with C. Drawing constant inspiration from classic and traditional architecture of the past, Brandon artistically crafts homes that are rooted in history, but are also unique and of their time. Showers Of Flowers.

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