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The Master's title was deliberately chosen by producer Barry Letts and script editor Terrance Dicks because, like the Doctor, it was a title conferred by an academic degree. The brief given in a sketch of the three "new characters" for the other two being Jo Grant and Mike Yates suggested he was conceived to be of "equal, perhaps even superior rank, to the Doctor". Barry Letts had one man in mind for the role: Roger Delgado , who had a long history of screen villainy and had already made three attempts to break into the series. Malcolm Hulke said of the character, and his relationship with the Doctor: "There was a peculiar relationship between the Master and the Doctor: one felt that the Master wouldn't really have liked to eliminate the Doctor A would-be universal conqueror, the Master wants to control the universe in The Deadly Assassin , , his ambitions are described as becoming "the master of all matter" , [6] with a secondary objective to make the Doctor suffer; in The Sea Devils , the Master mentions that the "pleasure" of seeing the destruction of the human race, of which the Doctor is fond, would be "a reward in itself".

Doctor Who: Dark Water, review: 'bone-rattling'

The Master, played by Roger Delgado , makes his first appearance in Terror of the Autons , where he allies with the Nestene Consciousness to help them invade Earth. The Third Doctor Jon Pertwee convinces the Master to stop this plan at the last minute, and the Master subsequently escapes, albeit with his TARDIS , a space-time ship, left non-functioning after the Doctor confiscates the ship's dematerialisation circuit.

In The Sea Devils , the Master is shown to be imprisoned on an island prison off the coast of England. He convinces the governor of the prison, Colonel Trenchard Clive Morton , to help him steal electronics from HMS Seaspite, the nearby naval base, which helps the Master contact the reptilian Sea Devils, the former rulers of Earth, so he can help them retake the planet from humanity. The Master convinces the Doctor to help him build machinery that would bring the Sea Devils out of their millions of years of hibernation, but the Doctor sabotages the device by overloading it, destroying the Sea Devil base and preventing war between humanity and reptiles.

The Master subsequently escapes in a hovercraft. The Doctor reveals in this serial that the Master was once a "very good friend" of his. Delgado's last appearance as the Master is in Frontier in Space , where he works alongside the Dalek and Ogron races to provoke a war between the Human and Draconian Empires. The scheme fails, and the Master escapes after he shoots at the Doctor. Delgado was slated to return in a serial called The Final Game , which would have been the season 11 finale. However, he died in a car crash in June and the story was never filmed.

Played by Peter Pratt in his next appearance, with heavy make-up that makes him resemble an emaciated corpse, the Master returns in The Deadly Assassin Found by Chancellor Goth Bernard Horsfall on planet Tersurus, the Master is revealed to be both in his final regeneration and near the end of his final life. The Master attempts to gain a new regeneration cycle by using the artifacts of Rassilon , the symbols of the President of the Council of Time Lords, to manipulate the Eye of Harmony at the cost of Gallifrey.

Though the plot fails, the Master manages to cheat death by transferring his essence into the body of a Trakenite scientist named Tremas played by Anthony Ainley and overwriting his host's mind. Subsequently, in The Five Doctors , the Time Lords offer the Master a new regeneration cycle in exchange for his help.

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Though the Master manages to escape the doomed planet, he ends up back on the planet prior to its destruction when he attempts to kill the Seventh Doctor Sylvester McCoy. The Master appeared as a main character of the Doctor Who television movie , played by American actor Eric Roberts. In the prologue, the Master portrayed briefly by Gordon Tipple is executed by the Daleks as a punishment for his "evil crimes". But before his apparent death, the Master requests his remains to be brought back to Gallifrey by the Seventh Doctor. Using his morphant body to break free from the container holding his remains, the Master sabotages the TARDIS console to force the vessel to crash land in San Francisco at the start of Earth's new millennium.

From there, the Master has the morphant enter the body of a paramedic named Bruce to take control of him. However, the Master finds his human host to be unsustainable as the body slowly begins to degenerate, although the Master has the added abilities to spit an acid -like bile, both as a weapon and to mentally control victims as an alternative to his usual hypnotic abilities. The Master attempts to access the Eye of Harmony to steal the remaining regenerations of the Eighth Doctor Paul McGann , but instead is sucked into it and supposedly killed. During several episodes in the revival show's second and third series , a man known as "Saxon" or "Harold Saxon" is mentioned.

A poster with the words "Vote Saxon" also appears in the episode. As well as this, as foreshadowed in " Gridlock ", the Face of Boe voice of Struan Rodger gives the Doctor a message before dying: "You are not alone". In " Utopia ", a scientist called Professor Yana Derek Jacobi is revealed to be the Master, disguised in biological human form to hide from the Time War. Overhearing conversations between the Doctor and his companion Jack Harkness John Barrowman causes Yana to become curious about the device which controlled his transformation; opening the fob watch, he is reunited with the Master's consciousness and made biologically Time Lord again.

The Master kidnaps Martha's family and conquers Earth. A flashback shows the Master at the age of eight, during a Time Lord initiation ceremony where he is taken before a gap in the fabric of space and time known as the Untempered Schism, from which one can see into the entire Vortex.

The Doctor states that looking into the time vortex causes some Time Lords to go mad, and that this event was where "some say" it all began for the Master. In the episode, the Master himself mentions that looking into the vortex as a child made "the drumming" in his head choose him as a "call to war". When fatally shot by his human wife, Lucy Saxon Alexandra Moen , the Master refuses to regenerate, knowing it will haunt the Doctor.

The Master returns again in The End of Time —10 , when his disciples attempt a resurrection ritual using a surviving piece of the Master's body. However, Lucy sabotages the ritual, bringing the Master back as a manic undead creature, hungry for human flesh and leaking electrical energy. The Master proceeds with a plot to transform the entire human race into his own clones, and using their combined presence, triangulates the "drumbeat" in his head to its source: The Time Lord President Rassilon Timothy Dalton.

The Time Lord Chancellor Joe Dixon describes the drumming noise in the Master's head as something "[h]istory says [is] a torment that stayed with him for the rest of his life.

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Confronted with Rassilon, whose drumbeat is the cause of the Master's insanity, the Master teams up with the Doctor to destroy them. He too is sent back to Gallifrey when the Time Lords are again sealed away in the Time War, trapped once more. On 6 April , the BBC confirmed that Simm would be returning as the Master in the tenth series , appearing alongside his successor in the role, Michelle Gomez, for the first multi-Master story in the programme's history; he appears in the two-part finale.

The End of Time marked the last appearance of the Master until , when the character was brought back as a woman with no explanation given at the time as to how he escaped Gallifrey or what prompted his regeneration. In the story, the Master is posing as a menial worker on the basement floor of a Mondasian colony ship, helping to bring the Cybermen into existence anew. When the Doctor appears aboard the ship with the Master's own future incarnation, he meets his successor, Missy Michelle Gomez , who is struggling between her nature and a promise to reform her ways.

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In the second part, the two Masters pair off as friends, but Missy's loyalties remain divided between the Doctor and her old self. In return, he shoots her with his laser screwdriver to prevent himself from ever siding with the Doctor, claiming to have disabled her regenerative abilities. The Master returns in the eighth series in a new female incarnation called "Missy" Michelle Gomez , which is short for "Mistress".

Missy is shown observing the pair from a world she refers to as ' Heaven ', speaking to recently deceased individuals the Doctor encountered throughout the series. She is defeated when her Cyberman army is destroyed, and appears vapourised when shot by the posthumously cyberconverted Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart. She contacts Clara when she believes the Doctor anticipates that he will die, and travels to Skaro with the pair to confront Davros.

She helps save the Doctor from Davros' scheme, but fiendishly attempts to trick the Doctor into killing Clara as they escape the crumbling Dalek city. When the Doctor and Clara abandon Missy on Skaro, she encounters a room full of angry Daleks, but informs them that she has a clever plan. Gomez's final series in the role was series 10 , airing in Her demeanour seems little changed and she has low regard for human life, but in the episode's coda , she sheds remorseful tears for all the millions of deaths she has caused.

However, they soon run into Missy's past incarnation aboard the ship, where the Master John Simm has initiated the genesis of new Cybermen. Trapped aboard the ship together, Missy finds her loyalties torn between her promise to the Doctor and the lure of her old self. After initially betraying the Doctor, she later chooses to stand alongside him against a Cyberman army, stabbing her past self and sending him back to his TARDIS to regenerate, concluding her life has led to her becoming the Doctor's ally.

Enraged at the idea of ever becoming the Doctor's ally, the Master shoots Missy with his laser screwdriver, disabling her ability to regenerate and killing her. The Master and the Doctor are shown to have similar levels of intelligence, and were classmates at the Time Lord Academy on Gallifrey, where the Master outperformed the Doctor.

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Delgado's portrayal of the Master was that of a suave and charming sociopathic individual, able to be polite and murderous at almost the same time. His design is homage to the classic Svengali character: a black Nehru outfit with a beard and moustache. Aspects of Simm's portrayal of the Master parallel Tennant's Doctor, primarily in his ability to make light of tense situations and his rather quirky and hyperactive personality. According to the producers, this was done to make the Master more threatening to the Doctor by having him take one of his opponent's greatest strengths, [51] as well as making the parallels between the two characters more distinctive.

Michelle Gomez maintained Simm's portrayal of the character, specifically the psychopathic behavior and inappropriate emotional responses to certain situations, as well as the original traditions of ruthless, murderous behaviour and grandiose, Machiavellian criminal intelligence that have been consistent throughout all incarnations. However, she also displayed a much more coquettish manner, with her new female identity allowing her to fully express aspects of the Master's ambiguous bond with the Doctor as previously explored by Simm's incarnation in "The Sound of Drums".

While determined to torment and corrupt the Doctor with moral temptation while inflicting pain and death to humanity, she frequently referred to him as her "boyfriend" or "friend" and appeared to ultimately desire his acquiescence and company. She is also well aware that she is even more dangerously psychopathic than before, describing herself as "Bananas" to UNIT agent Osgood right before killing her " Death in Heaven ".

However, when circumstances result in Missy being kept in a vault and monitored by the Doctor after an averted execution, Missy actually comes to show signs of remorse for what she had done in the past, to the point that she prepares to side with the Doctor over her own past self " The Doctor Falls ". Both the Doctor and the Master have been shown to be skilled hypnotists, although the Master's capacity to dominate — even by stare and voice alone — has been shown to be far more pronounced.

In many ways, we have the same mind. In The End of Time the Master uses a kind of psychic technique, previously used by the Doctor to read the minds of others, allowing the Doctor to hear the constant 'drumming' inside the Master's mind. In the original Doctor Who series, the Master's TARDISes have had fully functioning chameleon circuits , having appeared as various things, including a horsebox, [8] a spaceship, [11] a fir tree, [56] a computer bank, [57] a grandfather clock , [6] [16] a fluted architectural column , [53] [54] [56] an iron maiden , [55] a fireplace , [53] a British Airways jet, [54] a cottage [58] and a triangular column.

However, Missy time travels via Vortex Manipulator in series 9.

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The Master's original weapon of choice was the "tissue compression eliminator", which shrinks its target to doll-like proportions, killing them in the process. Its appearance is similar to that of the Doctor's tool, the sonic screwdriver.

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Despite his own fondness for the weapon, Russell T Davies decided against bringing it back for the Master's reappearance in " The Sound of Drums ", on the grounds that the Master had too many new "tricks" to use against the Doctor. During the course of " The Sound of Drums ", the Master unveils a new handheld weapon: a laser screwdriver.

The device functions as a powerful laser weapon, capable of killing with a single shot.

It also carries the ability to age victims rapidly using a miniaturised version of the genetic manipulator developed by Professor Lazarus " The Lazarus Experiment ". The screwdriver itself also contains isomorphic technology , a biometric security feature which effectively disables use of the device by anyone other than the Master.

After being stabbed by Missy, the Master shoots her with the laser screwdriver at "full blast" which will prevent her regeneration and kill her permanently. It also contains a weapon that she uses to disintegrate Dr Chang, Osgood, and Seb. It allowed her to control airborne planes after she had frozen them in time, as well as simultaneously disintegrate several UNIT guards. She uses it to defend against an attacking Cyberman. A more unusual feature, demonstrated in "Death in Heaven", allows her to travel through the air in a Mary Poppins -style fashion, but presumably only for short distances.

While not actually weapons, Missy also possessed a pair of vortex manipulators -- "cheap and nasty time travel"—which are linked to one another, which she used to transport herself and Clara Oswald to the Doctor's 'farewell party' in medieval Essex "The Magician's Apprentice". They are destroyed in " The Witch's Familiar " when, to avoid being killed by Daleks , they channel energy from the Daleks' weapons to teleport them away, looking as if they were exterminated.

In the same episode, Missy says her brooch contains a Gallifreyan Dark Star alloy pin, given to her by The Doctor "when my daughter In "The Doctor Falls", Missy uses a small blade concealed in her sleeve to stab her own past self, triggering his off-screen regeneration. The actors who have played the role of the Master in the series and the dates of their first and last appearances in the role, are:.