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No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Which of these dominate is completely dependent on how we view change. If you did something bad, it shines on you. The only difference is that with the inner energy, you have the ability to close up inside and block it. These patterns may be held within you for a very long time. You are free to walk this world without a problem on your mind.

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You are just having fun experiencing whatever happens next. You are not your emotions; you feel your emotions. You are not your body; you look at it in the mirror and experience this world though its eyes and ears. You are the conscious being who is aware that you are aware of all these inner and outer things. These disturbed energies will draw your consciousness to them, but you do not have to let this happen. You really do have the ability to disengage and fall back behind them. As your consciousness gets immersed in the disturbance, you lose your clear seat of Self. It happens instantaneously.

If that blockage is stimulated by an ongoing situation, you may stay down there for a long time… You may feel that you have to do something drastic. You may want to leave your husband or wife, or move, or quit your job. Includes more than nine hours of never-before-seen video sessions with Michael A. In this course, we will put to rest any questions you have about that inner dialogue.

The Untethered Soul (Audiobook) by Michael A. Singer |

Not just about quieting it down—but about how to steadily remove the root cause of its existence. You end up struggling with life instead of experiencing it. True happiness comes only when your inner energy is free to flow. That unhampered flow is, indeed, the goal of this course.

A Psychotherapist’s Journey from Terminal Cancer to Seeing the Dead

We will see that the most effective personal growth technique is to use life to remove your inner blockages, not compensate for them. The intention of this course is to change your entire perspective of life. That it is not me. This has allowed moments to flow more freely and I have uncovered a more spiritual experience in the hope an experience can hold. This past Sunday, I had one of the best days I've had in a long time and I can't help but see the connection to how I let myself be in the moments of peace.

Living with depression and anxiety, it is often challenging to feel like a participant in my life.

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Yet, it was my presence and awareness of what was happening around me and how I could hold that in a way that felt useful that gave me space to appreciate how much I could breathe into and grow with the opportunities that presented themselves. Right now I live on the outskirts of Boston. Taking time to go into the city, I was aware of the weather. Temperature and weather is something to which I feel extremely sensitive.

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I've always known I love good weather, but also feel I thrive solely in that weather. Remembering that my feelings towards the weather aren't me, though, allotted the room to feel gratitude without dependence.

I gained knowledge that my growth is separate from my perspective and my surroundings. I breathed. Walking around for a bit after exiting the T, I got a decaf coffee at Starbucks where I listened to a few baristas joking about how much they hated their jobs.

Being an ex-barista, myself, I remembered my own experiences and had a dialogue in my head about what it was like to be a barista, what I did and did not like, and what I thought about what the employees in front of me were saying. Instead of being pulled into that with a set of emotions, I watched those thoughts and found myself in my sentience.

I could breathe. I went into a few shops, I had thoughts about my body and my movement and then realized how about an hour had passed where I hadn't thought about my body nor had a list of unhealthy "shoulds".

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Being in recovery from an eating disorder, the time away from the restlessness of my disorder is precious and rare.