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All rights reserved. He practices hopping, eating salad, and delivering eggs in order to convince everyone that he is serious. His friends stare at him because he doesn't look like a bunny and his sister, who is not sure her family even believes in the Easter Bunny, tells him, "you are a piglet, deal with it. Liam is heartbroken that his family and friends do not believe he can accomplish his goal until his grandparents help him to find a solution to his problem-they buy him an Easter Bunny suit on the Internet-and everyone believes in him.

Tankard's characteristic bold black lines outline his anthropomorphic pigs, and pastel-colored backgrounds reflect Liam's mood. Young children who play dress up dreaming of being someone else may enjoy the grandparents' support and Liam's transformation; however, not all identity crises can be solved by putting on a suit. Unfortunately, this venture into individuality falls flat. No redistribution permitted.

Nov 25, Allison rated it liked it Recommends it for: Toddlers, parents.

Shelves: adolescent-literature-edu When Liam the piglet decides that he wants to be the Easter Bunny, his family is not so thrilled. They support him, of course, but they're all just a bit perplexed by Liam's desire. Liam is already perfect; why on earth would he want to be anything other than his perfect little self? Liam doesn't see it this way, so he sets about delivering eggs, hopping around, and eating lettuce, all with various levels of success. And then his grandparents show up, and everything changes. The suit arrives. It is a bit too tight and a bit too scratchy and it has a loose thread.

But when he puts it on, Liam only sees one thing in the mirror: the Easter Bunny.


piggy bunny

This is a wonderful story not only of familial support and acceptance, but also of following one's dreams. Stories that end with the character recognizing the value of the attributes the already have and setting aside foolish dreams in favor of reality have their place. But sometimes, as in this case, it's refreshing to see a character that says he wants to be one thing and actually goes and does it even if it's still only an illusion. I am not sure how I would use this in the classroom at the high school level, although I could see it fitting well as a read aloud at the younger grades.

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Apr 16, Rachel rated it it was amazing Shelves: text-set. Piggy Bunny is about a pig named Liam who wants to be an Easter bunny. Liam's family does not understand why he wants to be something other than a pig. Liam is sad because nobody believes he can be anything different. Finally, he finds support from his grandparents who buy him a bunny suit.

In his bunny suit, Liam is happy and others to believe in him too. This text relates to my unit as is Liam is uni Piggy Bunny is about a pig named Liam who wants to be an Easter bunny. This text relates to my unit as is Liam is unique. He wants to be something that others think is very strange. But, it also shows that supporting other differences can be very important for their happiness.

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The text can teach students the importance of both being unique and supporting others differences. Mar 03, Barbara rated it liked it Shelves: picture-book , animals , self-esteem. While the other piglets in his family want to be pigs when they grow up, Liam has other dreams. He intends to become the Easter Bunny and practices all the skills he'll need to do so successfully: hoping, eating salad, and delivering eggs.

After they order a bunny suit for him, he dons the suit and sees himself exactly as he'd imagined.

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This is an amusing story about acceptance and determination. I really admired Liam's stubborness in the face of all the doubters around him. Even his parents who kept telling him he was fine the way he was didn't understand that although they were fine with Liam as a piglet, Liam wasn't fine. The ink and digital media illustrations are filled with various shades of pink for the piglets and funny facial expressions.

Jan 19, Nathan rated it it was amazing Shelves: trans , lgbtq-under Liam is a piglet who wants to be the Easter Bunny. His siblings tease him for it, his parents try to convince him that he is a "perfect piglet" and "doesn't have to try to be anything else", his neighbors and friends stare and don't understand. In the end, it's his grandparents that help him by ordering an Easter Bunny suit from the internet. I loved Liam. He was an amazing little character and adorable. This book made me laugh out loud multiple times. A sign of a great picture book is the abilit Liam is a piglet who wants to be the Easter Bunny.

A sign of a great picture book is the ability to draw emotion out of you in such a short amount of words and pictures. This book does it. I was feeling bad for Liam, and I was laughing as well.

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It was really well done in that respect. The illustrations are good too.


Jeremy Tankard is an author I will be looking for more books by. His illustrations in this book were fabulous. I really liked the style.

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  • Mar 09, Maddypictures rated it it was amazing. Hilariously wonderful! This little pig knows just what he wants to be when he grows up The Easter Bunny! We will order one on the Internet. May 03, Nathan rated it it was amazing Shelves: , , Sep 11, Tasha rated it really liked it Shelves: picture-books. Instead, Liam wants to be the Easter Bunny. Liam even practiced his bunny skills: hopping, eating salad, and delivering eggs. His family thought that he should just admit he was a pig and move on.

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    But when Liam looks in the mirror, all of that is forgotten, because he sees — the Easter Bunny! Read the rest of my review on my blog, Waking Brain Cells. Aug 09, Treasure rated it it was amazing Shelves: picture-book , children-s-books. I love a picture book that makes grown ups laugh.

    If you're going to read it a million times to kids, you might as well enjoy it! This is an excellent addition to my shelf of "picture books I don't mind rereading a bajillion times". Liam, an adorable piglet with loving, supportive pig parents, longs to be the Easter Bunny. He finds understanding in his grandparents, who offer to help him become the EB by getting him a costume. It is impossible not to crack up when Liam asks if they know how to ma I love a picture book that makes grown ups laugh.