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Does the Quickie Bundle auto renew? How am I notified when my Quickie Bundle is active? How am I notified when my Quickie Bundle ends? What is the Send a Quickie Promotion about? The Send a Quickie is a promotion being offered to you whereby you will be able to send or gift a 1 Hour Quickie Bundle to another Digicel prepaid customer, using credit from your main account balance.

How can I access the Send a Quickie Promotion? Please see below step by step process via UMM code:. Is there a charge for using the service? No; there is no charge for using the service.

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No; there is no limit, you can send as many Quickie Bundles as you like, as long as you have sufficient credit to pay for the bundles and do not have any outstanding loans to repay. Yes; you will.

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You can have overlapping Quickie Bundles. Eg; if you receive a Quickie Bundle and after 30 minutes you are sent another one, the second Quickie Bundle received will overlap and stay active for another 30 minutes after the first one expires. Yes; if you have a Quick Pick Bundle active, you will be able to receive a Quickie Bundle from someone else. Ur plan will be activated shortly.

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Please await confirmation message. Yes; you will be notified if there are insufficient funds in your account to gift a Quickie Bundle. You will receive the below message:. No; Quickie Bundles cannot be corrected or cancelled if sent to an incorrect number. What is the Lend a Quickie Promotion? The loan received is dependent on the amount of credit one has at the time of request. How can I request this Quickie loan?

How does this Promotion work? Can this Quickie loan be accessed at any time? Is there a charge for taking a Quickie loan? No; there is no charge for taking a Quickie loan. Can I request multiple Quickie Loans?

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No; you will not be able to request multiple Quickie loans at the same time. You must repay any outstanding loans before you can request another. How is the Quickie loan repaid? Quickie loans are repaid with your next top up. Are there any additional service fees when repaying the Quickie loan? No; there are no additional service fees when repaying the loan. You repay exactly what you borrowed i. How will I know that my Quickie loan was successful?

go to site Once you are eligible for a Quickie loan, it is applied to your account and will automatically be used to activate the 1 Hour Quickie Plan. Your request was received and will be activated shortly.

Please await your confirmation SMS. What message will I receive if I am not eligible for a Quickie loan? No; they cannot. In order to receive one loan, you cannot have an outstanding loan balance for another service. Is there a limit to the amount of times I can request a Quickie loan? No; there is no limit to the amount of times that you can request a Quickie loan, however you must repay the loan by topping up before a second loan can be initiated.

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Do you accept these cookies and any processing of personal data involved? Our electric wheelchairs are designed for an independent life and are available with a host of drive bases, seating systems and expandable control systems. The QUP series offers the highest performance and technology in providing you with the ultimate experience. QUP M. Resulting from years of experience with a market-leading drive base, seating and advanced technology. The best performing drive base in its class with a rigid and responsive ride matched by increased stability over a variety of terrains.

Superb indoor manoeuvrability, outstanding outdoor performance, headturning style. An effortless balance of outdoor manoeuvrability combined with good indoor performance.

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The Quickie Q R and Q R are ultra-compact for indoor agility, with stability and performance that's just as at home on the city streets. Jive F XL. Salsa M2 Mini. Puma 40 S-line. Salsa MND Neurochair. Puma Rumba Modular. QUICKIE powered wheelchairs combine high-performance and manoeuvrability to get you to where you want to be indoors or out. Our electric wheelchairs are designed for an independent life and are available in a choice of mid-wheel, front-wheel and rear-wheel drive bases , with a choice of seating systems and expandable control systems.

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Electric wheelchairs are primarily used by people who have low physical strength or limited mobility of the arms and hands. With powered wheelchairs it is particularly important to determine in which environments the wheelchair will predominantly be used, as some models are better suited to indoor use and other are designed for mostly outdoors. Rear wheel drive powered wheelchairs are intuitive to drive and offer powerful suspension systems, high drive speeds and numerous drive control options.

Front wheel drive powered wheelchairs provide a smaller turning circle than rear-wheel drive powerchairs so you can achieve tighter cornering for great indoor manoeuvrability. This type of wheelchair has no front castors, keeping your feet closer to your body, so you can get closer to desks and other objects more easily than with other powered wheelchair bases.

QUICKIE mid-wheel drive electric wheelchairs are extremely responsive and have the smallest possible turning radius making this type of powered wheelchairs a great option for indoor manoeuvrability. Power Assist, such as the F16 , is a fantastic option for manual wheelchair users who may experience fatigue when self-propelling but want to maintain the control, functionality and look of a manual wheelchair. A power assist add on extends the distance travelled and the efficiency of propulsion without the additional physical exertion.