Restoration Ireland: Always Settling and Never Settled

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  3. Restoration Ireland: Always Settling and Never Settled.
  4. Restoration Ireland: Always Settling and Never Settled.
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  7. Sound on, full screen, inhale and enjoy. It's Black at the Back. Things are really shooting up now. The completed walls are covered in weatherproof fabric - white on the insides and black outside.

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    Eventually the outsides will be clad in aluminium rain-screen cladding identical to that of the original annex and the window openings will be cut away. The first row of wall panels, put in place yesterday took the walls up to the tops of the window openings only. Today the weather was against is before noon when the rain eased off and the sun actually shone. The top row of wall panels were always going to be tricky because of their size, weight and height above the floor. Add slippery surfaces into the mix and it seemed by late morning that we would have to abandon work for the day but the men were having none of that defeatist talk.

    They decided to work on with the help of a telescopic hoist, hired in for the task. Most of the walls are now at full height - slightly lower than the original annex but a good deal higher than ceiling height to allow for parapets, insulation and roof beams.

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    They will be identically clad eventually. This is the main bedroom again and it can be seen that the difference in wall heights between the old left and the new is significant but not great. The new wall will be clad in waterproof but breathable Tyvek membranes, the lower tier of which is taking shape:.

    The entire building will soon be wrapped in Tyvek.

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    This is from a similar viewpoint and shows the enormity of those top panels which straddle the window openings. This shows the telescopic hand-winched hoist in action - a sort of fork-lift in effect. Seriously heavy rain overnight. Thanks to expert and copious sheeting applied to the floor, walls and stockpiles of components awaiting assembly remained dry. Motivated I suspect by seeing the building they have painstakingly cut and assembled in a factory in Hull take shape in its intended location here in Settle.

    So many people who work in factories, kitchens, hospitals etc. A lesson in management there.

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    Hammered in to pre-cut holes in adjacent panels they lock everything together tightly. Thursday, 3 October Thursday. Big crane back and lifted the walls onto the now completed floor. Thanks to heroic efforts from all concerned we are making substantial progress. The photograph below does not do justice to the efforts put in today. This is the side doorway and part of the kitchen area. The walls have to go a good deal higher, tomorrow hopefully. Settle Coal's crane dwarfs the cellphone mast and the tower.

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    Even so, seven days between floor and roof is remarkable. Amazing about-turn with the weather today with clear blue sky and no wind. The finishing constructional touches are being done to the floor pending the whole lot being covered in black plywood at the very end of building work ahead of carpets or whatever.

    Meantime I could not resist this view of the south east corner of the tower from a corner of the new floor, bathed in sunshine for the very last time maybe as walls start to go up later today.

    // How to renovate an old cottage // Part 1 //