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Creating these types of guides takes time.

How I Grew a New Blog from to 40, Pageviews in One Month - Twins Mommy

If your blog is barley three months old, give yourself more time before you publish your guide. The next tip after focusing on optimizing your content is to test and try new things. As a new blogger, you are reading and absorbing as much information as possible, right? I know. I was the same.

I knew for years that video was the way to go. But, I dared not try! Who would want to hear and see me?

But, I knew that if I wanted to grow as a blogger and learn new skills for my business, I had to try new things. So I started doing Facebook Lives.

What exactly is a blog?

At first, I was terrible. And, the more I did it, the better I got.

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Here is a short list of new things you can start doing to help grow your blog:. To grow your brand and business, start using video. For us — the blogger — I would focus on those platforms for video marketing. To help you understand more about video, make sure to check out Jessica Stansberry!

And if you want to start doing Facebook Lives, make sure to check out my guide! Teachable allows you to get started with for free and you can create a free video course that can be used as a freebie to grow your email list. Focus on optimizing your content, and you should be good! Then from there, start incorporating video and, you should skyrocket!

I'm Elna, wife to my college sweetheart and mother to my school-aged twins. Together we are the parent entrepreneurs. I'm also a professional blogger and freelance writer. I help mom bloggers make money blogging so they can stay home with their little ones too! Come join me in the Mom to Mompreneur Facebook group! Re-read this for the several-eth time and I always come away with new ideas for my own blogs!

How to Use and Setup Pinterest for Your Blog

Being a new blogger this is practical and very helpful so thank you! Glad you are stepping out of your comfort zone and trying Facebook Lives! You go! If I could only accomplish everything that I want to, It would be great. Since I needed to get my blog up and running in no time I did it in two months , there is a lot of work just to improve my content for SEO purposes. Besides all of that, I wrote a word e-book, that needs to be jacked up to 10k to be ready for Kindle.

My opinion is that this book will drive a lot of targeted, already engaged, visitors to my website. As you mentioned on point no. Hi Elna, yes I am planning on using more videos on YouTube Do you have any idea about the best software editor and screencasting. Thanks so much for stopping by! I am really grateful for the tit bits you share about increasing blog traffic. My blog is 6 months old, so I can say I am a new blogger with 97 posts to my credits. I am learning something new every day from seniors in the industry.

I have now learned to increase my word count to at least words and do Fb Ads to promote my content.

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Thank you. Hi Elna! I love your positivity but also the dose of realism. Thanks again! Increasing blog traffic is a recipe. I consistently run across your blogs in my Pinterest home page. I always get hooked in but I really love your content. You give such great information with each post I read. Thanks for the Utimate Guide tip! Hi Elna, Me again. I have another question. When you mentioned an ultimate guide of connected blog posts already written, do we have to take the posts down and consolidate them into one new long blog post or start a new post with explanations and links to the other posts.

When consolidating posts, you just use the information not the examples or wording. For example, if I did a big Pinterest guide, I can talk about keywords, sections and your profile in this guide.


Pinteresting Strategies (updated + better than ever for 2018)

These are actual three blog posts on Twins Mommy! Then I can link to those three blog posts in the guide. Connection and lower bounce rate with big guides! Your free ecourse Get Paid to Write was very influential in that process. After reading this, you have me inspired to try videos eek! Thank you so much! I love getting to know my audience and Facebook group members! I feel really inspired after reading it to try new areas with my blog like guest posting and making some freebies.

Trying My Hand at Growing Blo

Thanks and I really love reading your posts!! Love your blog name!!! Thanks so much. Good luck with guest posting.

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  • Hey Elna, You mentioned that growing your blog traffic is the number one thing you should do. I know this is hard to say depending on so many factors, but if you had to throw a number out there, what would you do? Also, we recently did 8 posts in 8 days one of your suggestions — except the number was 12 and hopefully this will bring in more traffic.

    Also, 3, plus words might kill me as a writer. And I write fast and a lot. But that tip is great to keep in mind.

    Get access to bite-sized blogging lessons to accelerate your blog growth by 209%

    Then if you add products that changes because you can rely on your email list. But to get that big email list you need to market your blog and get traffic i. My strategy is traffic. Thanks for your detailed response. I hope for some of the Google Juice soon myself. Love your tips.

    Cuz I see yours! Hey, Elna! I super love this! I especially like what you said about Facebook Lives.