The Day the President Killed the United States

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In a matter of hours, he grew weak and began losing consciousness. At a. The Michigan native said he had pulled the trigger out of a desire to contribute to the anarchist cause. He was also adamant that he had acted alone. Assassination of president William McKinley.

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Czolgosz was only nominally connected to the American anarchist movement—certain groups had even suspected him of being a police spy—but his confession led to a sweeping roundup of political radicals. On September 10, police also picked up the anarchist firebrand Emma Goldman, whose speeches Czolgosz had cited as a key influence in his decision to assassinate McKinley. Goldman and the others were all eventually released, but justice came swiftly for Czolgosz.

While William McKinley was eventually overshadowed by his more famous successor, Theodore Roosevelt, his assassination prompted a worldwide outpouring of grief. The memorial includes a bronze statue that depicts McKinley giving his final speech at the Pan-American Exposition on September 5, —the day before his fateful meeting with Leon Czolgosz. But if you see something that doesn't look right, click here to contact us!

The White House has housed US presidents since The estate has six floors and rooms, including a bowling alley and chocolate store, Business Insider's Mark Abadi previously reported. One of the rooms is a fully equipped fitness center with a tennis court and swimming pool. Michelle Obama started work on the White House garden during her husband's presidency. Melania Trump continued Obama's work and the tradition of hosting school children on the grounds, according to CNN.

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Today, the garden's fruits and vegetables regularly appear on the White House menu. The White House is also home to nearly permanent residents including maids, cooks, a plumber, a florist, and a head housekeeper, according to GoBankingRates. The first family doesn't get all these costs covered, however.

According to former first lady Laura Bush , the president is billed at the end of every month for hourly pay for waiters and cleanup crews used for private parties, among other expenses. The first movie shown during Trump's administration was "Finding Dory.

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If a president wants a break from one fancy address, he can go to another. The country home is fully equipped with a gym, swimming pool, and aircraft hangar. It has been the presidential retreat since the s. The customized Boeing B reserved for the president is highly sophisticated.

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The plane has 4, square feet of space , a medical operating room, private quarters for the president, and the capacity to feed people at a time. Marine One follows the president wherever he goes. It can operate rescue missions and cruise at more than miles per hour even if one engine fails.

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  • Secret service is always near the president, but protection doesn't end after a president leaves the White House. Retired presidents receive the perk for life and their children are protected until the age of Whenever the president travels by car, he travels in bullet- and bomb-proof luxury. The Beasts, as they're known, are a fleet of cars designed and constantly watched by the Secret Service. The cars are built for targeted attacks — but they won't win a street race. They weigh as much as a tank and only get 5 miles per gallon, according to GoBankingRates.

    Being the guest of the president has its perks too, including an entire guest house to yourself. He also strengthened Church membership with a renewed emphasis on the value of family life and education. Joseph Fielding Smith, the son of Joseph F. During nearly three-quarters of a century, he was a missionary , Church historian, president of the Utah Genealogical Society and of the Salt Lake Temple, an apostle and Church president.

    He became president of the Church on 23 January at the age of As one of the Church's most prolific writers, Joseph Fielding Smith's numerous books and articles helped educate generations of Latter-day Saints about the history and doctrine of the Church. Under his administration, missionary work continued to grow, the Ogden and Provo Temples were dedicated and the Church magazines were consolidated. Harold Bingham Lee was born on 28 March in Clifton, Idaho, and worked in education, business, and government.

    These changes helped the Church prepare for its rapid expansion during the decades that followed. He became president of the Church on 7 July He traveled often during his tenure, which lasted only 18 months. After completing a mission and marrying Camilla Eyring, he settled in Safford, Arizona, to raise his family and run an insurance business. He was called as an apostle in , and after overcoming severe health problems, he became Church president on 30 December at the age of He led the Church with energetic determination during a period of dramatic vitality and growth.

    In the 12 years of his presidency, the number of operating temples doubled, the number of missionaries increased by 50 percent and the priesthood was extended to all worthy male members. He died in Salt Lake City on 5 November Born on 4 August in Whitney, Idaho, Ezra Taft Benson learned early the principle of hard work on the family farm. He served a mission to Great Britain and after his return married Flora Amussen in He received his education in agriculture and went on to hold many important positions within the industry.

    While serving as an apostle he also served as Secretary of Agriculture in the cabinet of U. President Dwight D. Eisenhower from to He became president of the Church on 10 November He emphasized the importance of the Book of Mormon in daily scripture study, missionary efforts and gospel teaching.

    Church Presidents

    Despite his failing health, the Church continued to grow under his administration, temples were dedicated, and missionary work expanded around the world, particularly in eastern Europe. He died in Salt Lake City on 30 May at the age of Upon his marriage to Clara May Jeffs in , he gave up his music career in favor of a stable family life.

    President Hunter began to study law and became a successful lawyer in California. He was called to be an apostle in , serving for 35 years before becoming president of the Church on 5 June at age During his short presidency, he encouraged Church members to become worthy to attend the temple , setting the stage for a decade of increased temple building.

    He traveled as often as his health would permit, dedicating two temples and commemorating the th anniversary of the martyrdom of Joseph and Hyrum Smith. He died 3 March in Salt Lake City. After graduating from the University of Utah, he was called to serve a mission to Great Britain. After he returned, he embarked on a lifetime of service for the Church. He was employed as the executive secretary of the Church Radio, Publicity, and Literature committee before he was called to be an apostle in During his administration, he directed the most intense temple building program in the history of the Church and established the Perpetual Education Fund to help young Latter-day Saints in developing countries gain an education and become self-sufficient.