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HOPE is an educational complex that seeks to set new standards in interfaith relations and sharing of wisdom. HOPE is a place of communal encounter for scholars, religious leaders, pilgrims, spiritual seekers and the community at large. The Center of Hope will be a safe space, belonging fully to participating faiths.

HOPE is a community of communities, a welcome for pilgrims, a home for all.

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Guide me, St. Jude, so that I begin each new day with gratitude, truth, and hope in my heart. Challenge me, St. Jude, to end each day reflecting on my actions and motivations so that I grow in faith, love, and hope. Jude, you are with me in all that is new. May your path of hope be mine in the days ahead.

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I promise in faith to share your hope with others, to forgive as I am forgiven by my Father in heaven, and to show sympathy and kindness at every opportunity. Jude, so that I will begin each new day with gratitude on my lips, with truth on my mind, and with hope in my heart. Jude, so that I will end each day reflecting on my actions and motivations so that I will grow in faith, love, and hope. Jude, you are the bearer of abiding hope. I place myself in your care as I bear the cross of cancer.

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I trust that you intercede constantly for me, giving me courage when I am afraid, strength when I grow weary, hope for my most difficult challenges. Most faithful patron, may you remind me always of the love and healing God offers to each of His children. Prayers to St. Deliver your prayer to the shrine. Prayer to St. Jude Most holy Apostle, St.

go to link Deliver Your Prayer to the Shrine Light a virtual vigil light. Jude for Eternal Life. Jude for Eternal Life You give me hope, St. Jude for Healing. Jude for Healing Most holy Apostle, St. Jude for Hope. Jude for Hope God the Father, give me hope.

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I seek the calm that comes from trusting in your hope and your healing presence. Joy and peace will be yours the whole journey long as you hold onto hope.

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Let this be a prayer for today and let hope rise every time you feel like giving up! Like I mentioned before, the ways of this world will always disappoint and keep us running and toiling. This hope will never disappoint as we learn to fully surrender and trust in who God is and His ability.

We see many stories in the bible about a prayer for today for hope. Abraham and Sarah had a prayer for today for hope when they were believing for the impossible as God promised them that Sarah would bear a child in her old age. It says against all hope, Abraham in hope believed and what strengthened in his faith. It does not say that God gave them this problem, but God gave them a way out through their faith and hope in His word!

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