Three Fates of Henrik Nordmark, The

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I thought it was just going to be another teen book but the friendships are very real and the problems of each character aren't exaggerated. I will be looking to read the next in the series because it was fun.

Henrik L Nordmark

Who knows, I may even watch the movie! Though I hear it doesn't follow the book too well. First Line: "Once upon a time there was a pair of pants. Posted by Lauren at PM No comments:. Labels: teen. Friday, April 22, Songs of the Humpback Whale.

Oliver researches songs of the humpback whale and find repetitions and when they sing. He has become world renown.

The Three Fates of Henrik Nordmark

Oliver has become so immersed in his research, he has little time to devote to his family. When Jane gets into another one of their arguments, she actually hits Oliver this time. Horrified because she had an abusive father, she runs away. Her daughter, Rebecca , age 15, accompanies her. Jane contacts her brother, Joley and wants to visit him.

He gives her directions day by day driving her across the country and making her see points of interest. One of the points of interest is in Iowa where Rebecca survived an airplane crash when Jane had left Oliver another time and put Rebecca on the plane to return to Oliver alone. Finally Jane and Rebecca arrive at the apple orchard in Massachusetts. Joley is working there alongside the owner, Sam and his assistant, Hadley, both Jane falls in love with Sam and Rebecca with Hadley.

This novel was written in 5 voices. But the time frames are different as some are forwards and Rebecca is backwards. Although I did enjoy the book, it was not as good as some of Picoult's other books. There were some glaring problems.

The Three Fates of Henrik Nordmark by Christopher Meades

Hadley being so much older than Rebecca puts his actions in the realm of statutory rape, yet no one seems to worry about this aspect. The trip across the country is the most chaotic trip ever, with backtracking and sometimes it felt like it was the most indirect route available that was taken. The ending was hurried and as far as I was concerned not at all either satisfying or explained. First Line: "In the upper right hand corner of the photo is a miniature airplane that looks as if it is flying right into my forehead.

Posted by Dana at PM No comments:. For most of her life, it's just her and her mother, who manipulates to get her way. At a young age she loses her virginity to a cousin, which enrages her father so they move and he dies from illness. Due to her beauty, Sophie becomes the mistress to high ranking people where she has to fake her virginity multiple times. We learn about her romantic life as she grows up, but also learn about her life as it's coming to an end. The other side of the story is Sophie on her death bed, being treated for her illness by a French doctor and her young nurse Rosalia.

Sophie recounts her past as she gets weaker and weaker. The start of this book is quite confusing because it's hard to get a good handle on where the story is taking place.

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Greece, Turkey, Poland, Russia, France, and Germany are all mentioned within the first few pages, causing the confusion. Honestly, I got about pages in and couldn't take it anymore.

The book was bland, not well written, and just not worth continuing so I gave up. Not a read I would recommend. First Line: "In the end, it fell to Rosalia to make sure that the imminent departure of Countess Sophie Potocka accompanied by her daughter, Countess Olga Potocka, and companion Mademoiselle Rosalia Romanowicz via Paris to the town of Spa for her prescribed water cure - had been announced three times in the Petersburg Gazette. Labels: historical fiction. He's middle-aged and works as a security guard, with no romantic prospects and no real excitement in his life.

When Henrik walks in to store to buy plums, his life changes though he doesn't yet realize it.

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A chain of events is set off that involve three elderly assassins trying to kill him due to mistaken identity, a couple named Bonnie and Clyde who have been trying to kill each other for months, and Roland who thinks he has just won the lottery and instantly quits his job and dumps his girlfriend. This book is a clever and quirky novel that weaves a tale around these characters where they are constantly bumping in to each other and affecting each other, knowingly or unknowingly.

It kind of reminded me of movies like Burn After Reading where you start with a bunch of characters and their stories all interweave because of one little thing that happens.

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The Three Fates of Henrik Nordmark is a short book but it hooks you on the first page and you cannot put it down. A fun, light read! I was impressed with Meades' debut novel. First Line: "Until that fateful day, Henrik Nordmark had always been and entirely unremarkable fellow. Friday, April 15, His mother had been kidnapped at the age of nineteen and Jack and Ma live in an 11X11 room. The kidnapper brings them subsistence type food and on Sundays they get to request a 'treat'.

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It is hard at first to understand Jack's language as it is defined as what is in the room or TV, what is seen on TV and what Jack thinks as imaginary. All objects are called by proper nouns: Bed, Wardrobe. This emphasizes the pitifulness of their situation and how a child might process that environment.

Ma comes up with a plan for their escape and has to work with Jack to convince him to try this and then to execute the plan.

Christopher Meades

I simply could not put down the book at this point. What happens therafter is again a fascinating excerpt on how a cloistered child might see the big scary world. I found this book fantastic. Well thought out and well written. First Line: "Today I'm five. The Reunion by Sue Walker Mystery Twenty-six years ago, Innes Haldane and a bunch of other teenagers spent a year together at "The Unit" in Edinburgh, an experimental treatment centre for dysfunctional teens. Innes has tried to put her past behind her and become a successful person, when she gets a call from Abby, another Unit member, who sounds like she's in a panic.

Innes soon learns that Abby has committed suicide. As Innes starts to investigate this, she finds out that two of her fellow Unit patients are dead by suicide, one is dead by drug overdose, and one is in a catatonic state after her house and family burning to death. Innes wonders if this behaviour was programmed in to them or if there is something else going on.

As she investigates further, she learns that something very troubling happened twenty-six years ago. Something that the others rather not have her learn about. This novel gives you the perspective from many of the different characters; past and present. You would think that because of this it would be a lot more confusing, but it wasn't too bad to determine who was speaking and what time frame they were in. The story was developed quite well and there was definite tension about what had happened to the Unit patients in the past and what was happening to them in the present.