Yoga & Kundalini Power

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I had never had a massage by Kalei, but I was totally overdue. She snuck me in and it was so worth it.

History of Kundalini Yoga

I have been a hairdresser and body abuser for about 20 years. I have high expectations and Kalei found all my problem areas. I will be a regular and am really excited to try out this form of yoga after learning more about it. Check out this great new addition to downtown Port Angeles!

500 Hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh – with healing.

Kalei leads authentic Kundalini yoga in her very down-to-earth overtones and vibe. Setting is lovely and you really get a holistic practice, focusing on body, mind and spirit. Even if the mantras and breath techniques are completely new to you and seem strange at first to some! Very grounding yet giving you a great sense of release and energy!

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Want more info on classes, bodywork and workshops? Email Address. Inspire Your Growth. We refer to ancient texts and scriptures and offer you a detailed conceptual clarity about the Kundalini Yoga and its benefits.

Our teachers and yoga masters will teach you and make you aware about the effect of Kundalini Yoga on the human body. You will understand how different aspects of Kundalini yoga affect your body, mind and sub-conscious. How your body reacts to this form of yoga and how to attain a superior conscious level. In this we will make you aware about different physical postures and asanas which benefit Kundalini Awakening. How to get into the postures and come out of it or change into a different posture with gradual transformation. With this theoretical knowledge, you will also get an opportunity to practice all these asanas.

As a practical component, we stress upon perfection in Pranayam for a successful learning of Kundalini Meditation. We offer you practical sessions on Kundalini Awakening Meditation along with simplifying the process of how to get into the meditative state and come out of it. You can experience a deep meditative state along with awakening of various senses and feelings.

With various cleansing and detoxifying Kriyas with offer a practical guidance on cleansing your body and purifying your mind. We also take care of the food habits and offer you shatwik foods, which are considered as the best for any yoga trainee. Through this process of guided meditation, we help you to get into a trans state gradually and experience the power within you.

Kundalini Yoga for self-care and energy

This class for women is designed to brighten and uplift; enlivening the spine and nervous system, while flushing the female organs with energy. Warm up with surya c's, then settle into long holds in pashimottonasana, camel, dhanurasana, and shoulderstand. Find complete serenity with a long savasana, followed by pranayama and seated meditation to close.

When practiced regularly this kriya enhances beauty, radiance, and grace. This powerful class combines three of the most potent practices in Kundalini Yoga: Sat Kriya, Sodarshan Chakra Kriya, and Kirtan Kriya, followed by a period of silent witnessing. You'll practice 11 minutes of each, elevating your energy and giving you the power to evolve your consciousness beyond the pain and suffering of the past.

Hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh- Kundalini Yoga Ashram

The entire class is done seated, but demands focus, discipline, and enthusiasm in order to move you into a new realm of mastery. Props Suggested: A bolster or blanket to sit on. This class is designed just for women, to enhance your beauty from within. It features five simple poses that activate your energy, including swan pose and navasana variations. You'll also open your heart chakra by chanting the sound "HUM. Tap into the energy reserve at your navel point to shake off stuckness and break through any barriers of the past. If you're feeling disconnected or uninspired, this is the class for you.

After a surya namaskar warm up, raise your heart rate with rocking bow pose, dynamic bridge, and exercises to help you twist, shake and punch away stagnation. You'll get your energy moving quickly and walk away feeling happy and uplifted. Wake up and supercharge your magnetic energy to create a day full of positivity and new potential.

This kriya offers a potent way to let go of distraction and connect to your true power.

follow url You'll activate your inner strength, open your heart center, and feel a huge shift in your energy to start your day! Many of these dynamic movements are done sitting down, so make sure you have a comfortable cushion or blanket to sit on.